If I ripped off all my blog ideas from Alan Sepinwall: My Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy Ballot

To follow up my last Emmy post, and because it’s a rich category and easy to write about, why not stick with comedy? We’re moving from supporting actors to supporting actresses this time, and I have a lot to say… Continue reading


Some Emmy nomination thoughts

I decided to take a look at the full list of Emmy submissions today, because I watch a lot of television. I was also thinking I’d do periodic posts on my thoughts in certain categories, much like Alan Sepinwall does every year (and because I occasionally pretend I am a TV critic. Damn TV, ruining my imagination!).

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Food, Consumption, and the Snarky Anti-Health Movement

I like food. I like a great, great variety of foods. Meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, fish, birds, breads, grains, sweets, cakes… there are few things that I don’t enjoy eating.

That said, I try to be conscious of my health as regards what I eat,¬†especially now that I’m 30 and I feel the consequences of my decisions more and more (and don’t shed the extra weight as easily when it comes). Continue reading


I’ve decided to consolidate all of my half-hearted blog projects, as well as my link sharing via social media, into this blog.

I feel like writing a blog on a specific subject compels me to turn out content, which in theory could be good motivation for me to keep writing but in practice forces me to keep up writing on a topic I may not have interest in writing about day-to-day. This format will allow me the freedom to post about whatever I feel like, and you the freedom to select which categories you’re interested in to follow and read. (And all of them, if you just want to read my writing and/or see what I am up to personally.)