Posting Note + WSOP Main Event Shares Available

Quick posting note: Posts have been infrequent lately as I recover from a root canal. While you might think the extra time it’s kept me bedridden is a chance to write more often, it turns out writing on medication is surprisingly difficult. I have a few ideas for posts I want to write, and I’ll put them up once I’m feeling able and can write them.

On another note, I should be fully recovered* in time for the World Series of Poker Main Event, and I’m selling action to it. I’ll be posting a thread on 2+2 with more details soon (I’m waiting on some statistical information about my recent play before I post my detailed pitch). I’ll link the thread here when I post it. (EDIT: here it is.

In the meantime, contact me privately if you’re interested in buying a stake and we’ll work out the details.

(* – and of course if I’m not or otherwise can’t play, I’ll pull the package and refund the money.)

I am selling 1% for $150 (1.5:1). This markup is in part a convenience charge for having to collect small payments and deal with the paperwork, so I will discount that for people who want to buy more, even as little as 5 or 10%. (Another reason I am posting here now is to try to get a few solid investors before I go public with a 2+2 thread.)

So if you want to buy a share, make me an offer as to how large a share you want to buy and what rate you’re willing to pay, and we’ll go from there (since we have to figure out the best way for you to get me the money, besides). Contact me privately through one of the following media:

-Facebook private messaging

-Twitter direct messaging



-Private Message on the 2+2 forums to user “nath”

And we’ll talk.

I haven’t cashed in the main event in five tries, so I must be due, right? What a steal this deal is!


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