I’m loving Occupy* Posters

Just discovered them– but these posters are exactly the sort of thing that get the message across clearly, in ways that ordinary people can understand quickly and easily. And the fact that our message can be expressed so simply is, I think, a testament to its truth.



4 responses to “I’m loving Occupy* Posters

      • At some point we’re going to have to accept that part of the reason the other side has been so successful is their ability to distill their points into effective sound bites and short clips. Almost *no one* on the left attempts to do the same in any meaningful way. And instead of picking apart every attempt the left makes at expressing their beliefs for not being perfect, we should be trying to make better ones.

        And I disagree that this “neither wants nor requires a response”. It probably doesn’t happen often, but if someone who disagreed or didn’t understand what Occupy was about saw these and started a conversation with the sign holder or maker, it would probably be welcome. It doesn’t happen often, especially as more and more people become entrenched in their beliefs and less willing to consider outside opinions.

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