More terrible decision making

Recently, in some part through feedback I’ve gotten on this blog, I decided to pick up low-stakes pot-limit Omaha. I figured a different game would help me stay mentally engaged and that, since I wasn’t very good at PLO, I would have a lot to learn and it would be easier to derive satisfaction from learning and getting better while I played. Yesterday I played a short session and won a small amount, about $15, and thought I had a decent beginner’s grip on things. So tonight, I was a little tired and a little bored and decided to give it another whirl.

Four hours and five buyins later, I left and sat in at a game of NL 100 to try my hand at something I was actually good at. Then I lost a buyin when my opponent floated a preflop reraise and a flop bet on a Q44 board with T8, then made a straight and busted my aces.

Then I quit, despondent and down $500 for the night– or so I thought.

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bad decisions

New rule: No entering tournaments on impulse. The same thing happens every time I do: I end up playing a really long time, much later than I want to, and make either nothing or the bare minimum.

Tonight it was the bare minimum.  I extended my session two hours to make an extra eight dollars. Great.

At least I broke a cashless streak of twenty-eight tournaments. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost back everything I won in my last tournament win.


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On another note, Facebook’s move to timeline has somehow screwed up my ability to publicize my posts there. That would explain why traffic is so low recently.

Times I wished for more humorous editoralizing

Victim 1 is suing Penn State for their role in the Jerry Sandusky coverup. From the AP article (via ESPN):

Sandusky was convicted in June of 45 criminal counts for sexual abuse of 10 boys, both on and off campus. At 68, he awaits sentencing that likely will send him to prison for the rest of his life.

Likely? The minimum sentencing for him is like 135 years. Just this once, couldn’t they have said something like, “At 68, he awaits sentencing that will send him to prison for the rest of his life, unless we come up with medical technology that allows people to live to be 250 years old, and then we inexplicably give it to some of our worst federal prisoners first, and also he isn’t murdered in prison”?

The relentless cloud of negativity

I should preface this by saying that I’ve had a really negative day on the whole. Been going through some personal problems today, and also have gotten some signs that I might have a serious back problem.

So the negativity has been running high, thick, and deep today. I’m sure tomorrow will be better, but it would almost have to be. That said, I need to get this off my chest: Continue reading