Links of the Day, Vote Suppression Edition

Two via ThinkProgress, largely because they’re so diligent about covering these things:

A Texas poll worker incorrectly pressed a voter for a driver’s license, which is not required. Be aware of the laws regarding voter eligibility and proof thereof in your locality, and inform others of their rights if you can. If you see something like this, stand up for the person.

The Romney campaign is purposely misleading poll watchers in Wisconsin. A desperate attempt to get ground-level help to suppress Obama voters, I suppose. I think this is the sort of thing that should spread real outrage among the public (frankly, if you try to prevent people from voting because they might vote against you, your candidacy should be thrown out), but not only are we at the point where the mainstream media doesn’t cover vote suppression, it’s basically expected that Republicans will do this and that the media won’t cover it.

Our inability to focus on our real problems, our inability to address the fundamental corrupting of our democracy, is a sign we’re on the decline. Instead, we debate when one candidate said something and how confident he looked in his bullshit (which is alarming when one candidate lies with the audacity of O.J. Simpson in this sketch.)

Hilarious to watch people try to politicize Sandy, too. Daily Kos mishmash of that: Listening to former head of FEMA and noted complete failure-in-the-Katrina-aftermath Michael Brown criticize the President on his handling of the aftermath is like… I don’t know, listening to Dick Cheney criticize the President on how he’s handling war, terrorism, and foreign policy.

(By the way, people must have noticed by now that every Republican president surrounds himself with the same neocon “Foreign policy means starting wars everywhere to assert our dominance” assholes, right? I mean, some of these guys go all the way back to Vietnam! Do we really want to give them another run of things?)

…anyway, Chris Christie is happy with the President’s response, and that’s another reminder of why I’m voting Obama instead of Romney: How well he keeps his head and responds in a crisis. Mittens, after all, thinks federal disaster relief is immoral.

I don’t think there’ll be too much exciting to write about until the election. The biggest thing for me is making sure people understand what they’re voting on and are allowed to vote without harassment. I’m hoping to early vote myself the next day or two (I’ve had the flu, so haven’t really gotten out of the house).

More tomorrow.


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