I should probably be more secure about stuff like this

But I can’t help but notice my friends tally on Facebook has been slowly trending downward lately, which means people are either closing their accounts or unfriending me. And I naturally wonder: Who were they? And why did they do it? Did I do something?

In fact, I don’t think it’s a matter of security: It’s a totally natural thing for a social creature who is introspective to ask.  I find it important to think about how my actions affect others. I find it important to consider if my actions are getting the results I want.

I won’t necessarily change. It’s decently likely that I did nothing particular at all. If I offended someone, did I do so because I was careless in my speech or because they disagreed with my ideas? If it’s the latter, I won’t worry about it. As long as I’m living by my values and principles– which include being respectful of others and being willing to speak up for what I believe in– I won’t worry about it.

But that self-examination is always necessary to make sure that’s the case. Until recently I’d been ill and not thinking about it so much.


3 responses to “I should probably be more secure about stuff like this

  1. Do you personally know the majority of your Facebook friends? I feel this is something you really shouldn’t worry about, especially if it’s probably someone you haven’t personally talked to…

    • although I will say the one or two times that I noticed someone I knew in real life defriended me, I wondered why. At the same time I have also done it to others.

    • I do know the vast majority of them in person, although to varying degrees. Enough of them are only brief acquaintances that I don’t worry if they disappear; I figure they may just be cleaning up their friends list of people they don’t know, or totally leaving Facebook. But at least one of them is someone I do know well enough that I was surprised to see it happen.

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