HSBC pisses me off

Matt Taibbi has the story.

This is why we’re fucked. Because giant banks and the wealthy elite are allowed to continue to amass wealth by any means necessary, no matter how illegal, unethical, or immoral, while they turn the rest of the world into wage slaves that live in fear of stepping out of line and pissing off the military-police force that exists to intimidate them. They use that wealth to buy off politicians, who in turn do everything they can to make sure these people are allowed to continue to vacuum wealth out of the hands of ordinary people though fraud, criminal activity, and byzantine financial transactions made deliberately impossible to understand so they can tell you a nickel is a dollar and sell it for a dollar. Make a joke about a bomb in an airport, get whisked away. Launder money for someone who is building bombs to use in airports, get told that, hey, you should probably stop, or the fourth or fifth time we catch you we might really do something.

You want a revolution? Start right here. Blow up HSBC headquarters. Line these fuckers up against a wall. Don’t vote for a politician who has a track record of rolling over for big banks. Vote for people who promise to break up these criminal enterprises, who are not willing to let these people destroy the world economy just so they can invent and hoard wealth for themselves. And while we’re at it, let’s end the War on Drugs so that these murderous enterprises they finance can be put out of business. Honestly, at this point I’m convinced the War on Drugs mostly exists as an excuse to militarize police and to drive up profit margins for fuckheads like the ones at HSBC.

Honestly, we might be too late. My entire lifetime has seen the capitalist system that worked so well to generate wealth in this country deliberately broken by radicals who are trying to concentrate that wealth into their small cabal at the expense of everyone else in America, if not the world. We need to repair this shit and we need to stop the trend of wealth concentration in the hands of a very few.

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