Links O’ the Day

Rather than posting five or six links to Facebook every day, I’m gonna try to collect them all into one post to make them less intrusive.

Great headline from New York Magazine: “Study Measures Romney Plan to Screw Poor, Sick

The Republican attempt to suppress votes has officially failed in Pennsylvania (for now). The National Memo has a summary.

The New York Times has published the results of a study that should indicate, in what should be no surprise to anyone, Mitt Romney and Bain’s use of offshore accounts helped him increase his wealth.

The Republican punditry can’t agree what exactly Mitt Romney is doing wrong with his campaign, but they all agree he’s screwing it up.

I didn’t even know there were still such things as “anti-marijuana crusaders”, but Ken Buck, failed Tea Party candidate for Senate and otherwise odious human being, has emerged as one in Colorado. I’m not entirely clear who’s funding his efforts at this point. Who still benefits from keeping marijuana illegal and, almost as importantly, who hasn’t seen the writing on the wall enough to still be throwing money at this?

(That last link will return a dangerous site report if you have security on your browser, but it’s ThinkProgress, and I can assure you it’s fine– according to their Twitter account, a very old post got flagged for something and it’s being cleaned up.)