NFL Divisional Preview

Following last week’s wild card preview (which I forgot to post at the time), I’ve recorded another preview video. My man “Needle” is a former offensive lineman and has high school and college coaching experience, so he’s able to break down film and analyze matchups that way. I tend to have a more statistics and commentary-based approach.

It’s close to two hours in length; as this is only the second one of these we’ve done, it’s a work in progress as we try to tighten up the production. If you listened to last week’s, I can tell you that this one has fewer digressions and irrelevant material. (I still have some problems with mic level, though, which is tough to gauge when you’re recording live and can’t hear the production.)

Anyway, your divisional preview:

Firing Day: Following up my previous speculation

As the NFL regular season ended yesterday, 20 teams began their offseason Monday morning. With so many franchises in disarray, I expected a large number of franchises to make moves regarding their coaching staffs and front office personnel. I outlined some changes I thought teams should make in my previous post, so let’s take a look at what’s happened today, how that correlates with what I suggested, and what this means for each team’s future.

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Which NFL teams need to do some housecleaning this offseason

I meant to start writing this earlier in the season, once it became clear that certain franchises were on a path of complete disaster, rotting through and through. But with two weeks left in the season and it having become quite clear who’s a contender, who’s got reason to be optimistic, and who just stinks, here is my list of the teams that need to make serious offseason changes and where and why:

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