The rest of my Emmy ballot

I’ve previously posted my picks for

Lead Actress – Comedy

Supporting Actress – Comedy

Supporting Actor – Comedy

And with the actual Emmy nominations to be announced tomorrow (editor’s note: as of this publishing, ‘tomorrow’ is now ‘very soon, like in a handful of hours’), I figured I had no time to dally. So without further ado, and probably very little explanation, my ballots for the remaining categories, some of which are incomplete for various reasons:

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My Emmy Ballot for Best Lead Actress – Comedy

Last year’s winner, Melissa McCarthy, is a terrific performer stuck on a show beneath her talents, or as I call it, Chuck Lorre’s latest “aren’t these people deserving of our mockery?” sitcom, this one about fat people (see also: nerds, airy-fairy hippie chicks, Charlie Sheen). So in real life, she’ll get nominated again, but I don’t watch Mike and Molly, so I can’t vote for her. (I’ll vote for her in “Best Guest Performance in a Single Sketch” for the Hidden Valley taste-testers, though. Or would if that was a real category.)

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