My name’s Nath Pizzolatto, although that’s not really important.

I was a professional online poker player until 2011 when the U.S. Department of Justice, acting under the authorization of the UIGEA, shut down the major poker sites operating in America. Now I am more of a jack-of-all-trades– occasionally a poker player, writer, web designer, and student.

I keep a bunch of blogs on a bunch of topics.

If you like football, I am EIC of Zone Reads, a blog I started with a few friends to provide both my own original analysis and the marriage of strategy and advanced thinking to film breakdown that you don’t see in too many other places.

I’m a big fan of TV, and occasionally write amateur TV opinions at The Farnsworth Parabox.

I also have a blog where I expand on most of my thoughts on… I don’t want to call it “politics” so much as “ideas for the best way we can live our lives and govern ourselves” over at A Practical Philosophy. I think we need some serious questioning of the values we have and why we do the things we do. (As you can see, there’s not much there yet.)

I keep a personal blog at this address (as you can see if you click the link at the top), and until a few months ago, it was more of a catch-all for anything I posted until I decided to divide my writing into topic-specific blogs. Now posts there will be things of a more personal or relevant nature to me, or something that wouldn’t fit in any of the other places.

I kept poker blogs when I was a regular poker player. You can find their archives here (tworags.com, 2007-2010) and here (blogspot; 2006-2007).

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