Wherever you go, there you are

For the first couple of days of my vacation in Boulder I really fell for it– gorgeous scenery and weather, enough stuff to do to keep me entertained and happy, very friendly towards bicycles and public transportation– and I started thinking I might want to live there. I even complained a little to Carolyn about Houston.

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Food, Consumption, and the Snarky Anti-Health Movement

I like food. I like a great, great variety of foods. Meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, fish, birds, breads, grains, sweets, cakes… there are few things that I don’t enjoy eating.

That said, I try to be conscious of my health as regards what I eat,¬†especially now that I’m 30 and I feel the consequences of my decisions more and more (and don’t shed the extra weight as easily when it comes). Continue reading