I’m loving Occupy* Posters

Just discovered them– but these posters are exactly the sort of thing that get the message across clearly, in ways that ordinary people can understand quickly and easily. And the fact that our message can be expressed so simply is, I think, a testament to its truth.



Wherever you go, there you are

For the first couple of days of my vacation in Boulder I really fell for it– gorgeous scenery and weather, enough stuff to do to keep me entertained and happy, very friendly towards bicycles and public transportation– and I started thinking I might want to live there. I even complained a little to Carolyn about Houston.

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Something we all need to think about

This week I picked up Sam Harris’ excellent Letter to a Christian Nation. Even though it seemed on the surface to be something I already knew, agreed with, and thus something of fan-service to people like me who are tired of religious-based thinking dominating public discourse, I was pleasantly surprised to find it excellently written and concise (the main letter, before the afterword, checks in at just under 100 pages), as well as giving me a couple of new ways to think about and articulate just what this problem is and why it’s a problem. Continue reading

What piece of art or pop culture first got you thinking critically?

I always enjoy reading and participating the AV Club’s Friday Q&As.  (I’m not going to tell you my username there, but I will tell you that, to quote The Simpsons, it’s “a name that’s witty at first, but that seems less funny each time you hear it.”)  They usually ask the staff about which work of art or piece of pop culture caused a particular reaction in someone or made them consider something for the first time.  A couple of weeks ago, for example, the question was on which work of art made them reconsider religion (or consider it in a context outside the one they were raised) for the first time, which led to some nice examples and discussion from both writers and commenters (on another note, the AV Club’s commenters are among the most thoughtful bunch I’ve found on the Internet).

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The rest of my Emmy ballot

I’ve previously posted my picks for

Lead Actress – Comedy

Supporting Actress – Comedy

Supporting Actor – Comedy

And with the actual Emmy nominations to be announced tomorrow (editor’s note: as of this publishing, ‘tomorrow’ is now ‘very soon, like in a handful of hours’), I figured I had no time to dally. So without further ado, and probably very little explanation, my ballots for the remaining categories, some of which are incomplete for various reasons:

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